Dunleavy_Rwanda_2015Continuing education for rehab providers

Kim Dunleavy, Ph.D., P.T., OCS, a clinical associate professor in the PHHP department of physical therapy, is a member of the technical advisory group for a Health Volunteers Overseas program that will develop a model of continuing education for rehabilitation providers in Rwanda. In a plan of action entitled Rwanda Vision 2020, the Rwandan government emphasized the need to improve health standards and increase the number of personnel working with people with disabilities, estimated at 523,000. HVO has partnered with the University of Rwanda College of Medicine and Health Sciences and the Association of Rwandan Physiotherapy to develop a continuing education model to enhance rehabilitation providers’ knowledge and skills. HVO will work with its partners to develop their leadership capacity and promote the role of rehabilitation within the medical community. The goal is to expand access to services for underserved populations by developing the abilities of Rwandan rehabilitation professionals to reach out to medical providers, community leaders and rehabilitation extenders.